DCM Updates

The current posts by the FDA and veterinarians sound scary, but when you realize they are talking about less than 600 dogs out of 70 million in the past five years it isn’t as bad as it sounds.

The FDA recently released a statement that said at this point they are just guessing food may be a factor, but it could also be genetic-they still aren’t sure. That being said, we understand the concern for your fur babies, and we would like to offer solutions.

There is no need for grain-free kibble unless your dog has food allergies. Many grain free foods have more meat, which is what dogs naturally thrive on, but some do not, and there are many good grain-based food options available at Sandy’s (if you’re still worried about DCM).

If your dog has food allergies, consider feeding not just grain-free food, but a Limited Ingredient Diet. Some foods have started adding extra taurine to their food just in case it turns out that grain free could be causing an issue. Dogs absorb taurine from meat, so another option is to add a freeze-dried mixer, or even raw food, if you are feeding a grain-free food.

If you’d like more information on this issue, please read the links below or come see us at the store!

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